The new photos of Bobrisky will make you forget his gender! Photos

Remember how it all started…? He only wanted to be known!
The aim of Idris Okuneye when he gradually began toning his skin was to peel off his dry unattractive skin, but it became so addictive that he peeled off more than a layer and left only the last layer of skin to protect his bones!
However, bleaching alone did not give Idris the fame and fulfillment he craved and since he had always admired the feminine clothing, he gave it a try and tampered with his gender… Well, technically!
He also saw to it that we stopped calling him Idris, Bobrisky would do the trick and that was it!
Now he has us all confused! We have smiled beguiling at his photos on random pages before realizing we already catching feelings for Master Bob, the number one dual gender in Nigeria.
Now he can hold his own in a room full of women with his high heels, sparkly earrings, padded butt, filtered skin and baby hairs… Check out some photos that will make you do a double take!
      Are those Zanottis on his feet?

      Sitting pretty… Walk into any room, you’d definitely mistake this man for a lady!

      Some ladies aren’t even this bold yet… but our guy is killing it!

Just when some ladies are still thinking if the right time to slay this fish net, Bobrisky steps out without a care for nothing but his filters…

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