Nigerian lady finally marries the man she dated for 14 years.

~Long term relationships are mostly the kind of relationship that has long, enduring and passionate stories of love and commitment. 

Often times many women disagree to the idea of dating a man for so long before tying the knot, but in most cases marriages birthed out of many years of dating actually is the purest of all. 
It gives the couple a sense of mutual understanding that has forever existed between them, ability to know themselves well and deep sense of communication. 
Though long term relationships will not favor everyone but in it exist an explicit magnetic kind of love.
A beautiful Nigerian lady on Twitter has shared how she finally got married to her boyfriend after 14 years of dating him. 
The lady identified as @lilmatohbadht tweeted that after 14 years of dating her man he finally came and paid for her bride price. 
She wrote: "After 14 years of dating, he came to pay my bride price 4 days ago #PJAY18"
This is really beautiful, love is truly satisfying and pure, and for this kind of love story is absolutely love mixed with friendship. 

How long should it take between a proposal and the actual wedding?

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