Foods you should not eat if you’re over 50

The normal human being eats to sustain life. But there are foods to avoid once you clock the big 50. They include the following:

Potatoes: This is one food you surely need to cut down on, especially if it’s cut into fries or sprinkled with bacon bits. They are starchy, and when you add all the extras to it, you get a dish that expands your waistline and raises your insulin levels. Eat them sparingly.
Breakfast pastries: Limit your sugar intake if you want to keep your weight down — and definitely avoid pastries at breakfast. The late morning sugar crash caused by breakfast pastries affects your blood sugar levels and causes you to crave unhealthier foods throughout the day.
Butter: Butter is bad in large quantities, no matter your age. But cut back on it as you age — as you do saturated fats in general — like whole milk and cheese. This will greatly lower your cholesterol and your risk of heart disease. Better still, healthier fats like olive oil or nuts is a much better option.Too much wine: Having multiple glasses of wine in one sitting can undo its positive properties because it inundates your organs. Plus, the sugar in wine can interrupt sleep patterns as you get older, leaving you tossing and turning at all hours because you had just one more glass.
Deli meats: Deli meats have too much sodium and fa, plus chemical preservative that raise your risk for certain cancers. Go for a lean meat option in your sandwiches — like skinless chicken — and pack on the veggies.
Frozen veggies: They are not as healthy as you think. Pre-packaged veggie options contain added ingredients like creams, sauces, and salt, which take away some of the health benefits.
Pizza: Pizza components ruin our waistlines and can contribute to long-term fight with obesity. Opt for thin crust, less cheese, and load up on veggie toppings.
Bacon: You shouldn’t be eating bacon on a regular basis, no matter what age you are. They greatly raise your risk of heart disease and stroke.
Cherries: The delectable little fruits should be limited in your diet as you get into your 50s and beyond. Despite their anti-inflammatory properties and loads of antioxidants, cherries are also packed with sugar. Eating too many cherries can cause upset stomach, nausea, and bloating. You can enjoy a few cherries here and there, but don’t go overboard.
Chicken skin: Try to always eat your chicken without the skin. The skin is also loaded with a ton of fat, which can throw your cholesterol out of whack and add to your midsection.
Dinner rolls such as puffpuff, buns, etc: It may seem like a meal isn’t complete without a side of bread. But having those rolls on the side are only going to add rolls to your waistline, especially as you get older. Plus, like with breakfast pastries, the carbohydrates in dinner rolls will make your blood pressure spike and then abruptly crash — leaving you hungry again, even after a large meal. (Especially if the rolls are made from white bread.)
Soft drinks: The older you get, especially if you’re a diabetic, the lesser your sugar need. Sugar rush sends your blood sugar into a tailspin, and then you get an insulin surge and that promotes inflammation. Soft drinks should be avoided at all costs.
Grapes: Here we have another fruit that you may think is too healthy to ever be bad for you. So what makes grapes a food to eat less of once you’re in your 50s? Like with cherries, the carbohydrate and sugar content is high and can make weight loss difficult. Take a cue from Livestrong and limit this fruit.
Potato chips: Once a potato becomes a potato chip, any and all nutritional value basically vanishes. You’re left with an empty, processed starch covered in blood pressure raising salt, which you’re no doubt going to over eat and gain weight from. Even if you’re at a social event and don’t snack very often, you’re better off skipping this snack and heading right for the veggie platter.
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