THEY have literally been to hell and back, and their bodies and faces have the scars to prove it.

Burn survivors want the world to accept them just as they are.  ~ 

A group of women from all walks of life, who have each been through the suffering of being burnt, have decided not to hide any more.
They have come out in the open, embracing their scars and bodies, stating that they are “burned and beautiful”!
They appealed to communities to accept them as normal people with positive minds and to embrace their different look.
So far 50 women with the same goal have joined the group and they hope to increase the number every day.
They told Daily Sun that some of them met a couple of years ago and decided to form a group to support each other.
They take part in different activities that include travel, support initiatives, photo shoots, awareness campaigns and other activities.
They also go to different provinces, appealing to other victims to come out and embrace their looks.
Thembi Maphanga (41) is the founder of the organisation.
She became a victim of fire in 2010.
“We are burn survivors and we are here to stay.
“People should just accept us as we are and stop making jokes about us,” she said.
“The challenges we face every day are not among ourselves but within the community, which fails to accept us as we are,” said Thembi
One of the courageous women is Mpotseng Mokhonoana from Tshwane.
She said she is still called names but she knows she is perfect in her own way.
She wrote on her Facebook page: “My scars, my life . . others call me KFC, Mzekezeke, Braai Myself, Spoko . . . they know themselves.”

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