Nicholas Cage and Wesley Snipes to join cast of Expendables 3

Sylvester Stallone continues to expands the action cast of his Expandables movie by getting more of the best stars in action drama. The latest reports reveal that talks are being made with Nicholas Cage, Wesley Snipes and Milla Jovovich to join Jackie Chan in the 3rd part of the hit film, The Expendables. Earlier rumors had suggested that Harrison Ford and/or Clint Eastwood might get involved, which seems unlikely at this level. Wesley Snipes is one of those guys who you can count on for a good action movie and seeing as he has settled his legal matters, It’s a good thing he’s involved in a movie like this. Milla prove that she has what it takes to be an action star with her Resident Evil franchise.
More casting news could still be announced in the next few weeks before production of the movie starts this August.

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